Matt & V

Capturing Young Love.

To be open and willing to capture any genre of photography is definitely rewarding. It offers more opportunities to work, expand my existing skills and gain new ones and presents that I have the ability to adapt to any environment with a positive attitude.

Every session I have had the opportunity to photograph has been challenging but more importantly fun and exciting for both parties!

Here is a session I recently shot with the young love birds Matt and V. We spent the late afternoon frolicking, appreciating Perth's Hills and enjoying the warm tones as the sun began to set.

There is nothing more rewarding as a photographer knowing that you have enlightened an individual to become more open and comfortable in front of the camera. They begin to understand, visualise ideas and enjoy the entire process.

I feel it is important as a photographer to have the ability to adapt to any situation when you are shooting on behalf of an individual, couple or family. Ensure they understand they too as the client have the right to put their hand up and initiate ideas or admit they don't feel comfortable. After all, they are the ones creating the memories, I am just there to freeze time so they are able to look back and enjoy them!

Thank you so much Matt and V for giving it a go and creating some amazing moments!